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Toothache: What could it be?


Whenever there is irritation to the nerves in the root of a tooth or surrounding a tooth, you may feel pain. Dental pain is mostly presented due to several conditions.1

Tooth decay, abscesses and gum disease are common complications of the bacterial growth in the mouth, these can contribute to dental pain. Losing a filling, Jaw injury, wisdom teeth crowning and grinding your teeth at night might all cause toothache. 1, 2

Teeth are bones, so how do we feel this pain? By inflammation of the central portion of tooth which is called pulp. The pulp has the nerve endings, which are sensitive to pain. 1, 2

The more the inflamed area the more severe the pain. Symptoms of dental pain include, chewing pain, bleeding, sensitivity to hot or cold and swelling of the gums with sensitivity to touch. The pain is often severe and may radiate to the cheek or ears.1,3

Seek a dental care, if the pain doesn’t go away with pain killers and is severe and it lasted for more than 2 days. Also, if you have fever, headache, pain that accompanies opening your mouth.1,2, 3