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Is there Psychological Pain



Is there Psychological Pain!?



Many of us have experienced disturbing and stressful events at some point in our lives. These feelings may leave us frustrated, helpless or even traumatized.  1, 2

How we react to trauma differ from one person to another. While one will be affected emotionally from shock, mood swing to anger and anxiety; another might be physically affected showing symptoms like pain or aches, fatigue, lethargy, muscle tension, rapid heartbeats and decreased concentration level. 1, 2

Studies have shown that post traumatic symptoms are associated with greater reporting of physical symptoms. They are also highly associated with current pain and disability due to this pain. Thus, the use of pain killers may be greater in patients with post traumatic symptoms than in those without.3

Ask for help if you have trouble being active at home or work, or if you have fearful memories and nightmares. Your psychological condition of anxiety or depression might highly affect your physical health.1