Cholesterol - Friend or Foe

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Heart Health

Heart Health

Cholesterol : Friend or Foe!


Cholesterol is a natural fatty matter in our food. We all need cholesterol in our blood for our bodies to stay healthy. Cholesterol helps the body perform functions like breaking down fatty foods and making vitamins and hormones.1, 2

High Cholesterol levels can be due to environmental factors as well as biological factors.

So, you can be slim, young, and active and you can eat healthy and still have high cholesterol. Simply, you have it in your genes! 2

Having high cholesterol doesn’t mean that you’ll have any obvious symptoms. Not at all!

You may not experience symptoms of any kind but still you could be at risk of cardiovascular disease.1, 2

Several tests are available to provide your health care provider with information about cholesterol levels in your blood. These simple tests include HDL, LDL, VLDL and non-HDL (which can be helpful in predicting your risk of heart disease)2, 3, 4