Now is the time to quit Smoking

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General Health

General Health

Now is time to quit smoking


Have you ever thought of quitting smoking, but you were not successful? Tried all methods, and succeeded for a while, but keeps returning back?


Smoking is not only a bad habit. Tobacco affects almost every part of your body. Not only your health is affected it generally affects your look from offensive-smelling hair and clothes to bad smoker-breath. Being a heavy smoker affects your physical activity, puts you at a greater risk of injury and slows your healing time. Smoking has proven to be associated with heart diseases and cancer.1,2

Now, that you’re familiar with the dangers of being a heavy smoker, think about all the benefits you get when you quit.1

1.     Your risk of heart attack will abruptly decrease in just 1 year after you quit.

2.     Your risk of stroke will be similar to that of a non-smoker in about 2 to 5 years after you quit. 1

3.     Your risk of lung cancer will sharply drop by half in about 10 years after you quit. 1

Generally, getting rid of that habit significantly lowers your risk of diseases associated with smoking.1


To help you quit, you can benefit from either behavioral treatments (like supports groups and counselling) or some medications. A combination of both might greatly help.3