How to boost your immune system!

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General Health

General Health

How to boost your immune system?!


Your immune system is your secret defender, working on your behalf against any attack. We’re all taking our defense mechanisms for granted, even if they’re currently doing a great job they might sometimes fail. Try giving your immune system a hand by doing some simple easy-to-do tricks.1


We’re all seeking to have the strongest immune system ever, but are we doing the right things to reach this target. For The immune system to work well, it requires a healthy lifestyle. General good health tips include: 1

The rule of 5 to boost your immunity: 2

1.     Eating healthy food (high in fruits and vegetables) and vitamins

2.     Stay physically active

3.     Sleep well

4.     Don’t strain your mind by leading stressful life

5.     Maintain your adequate hormonal levels

For your body to work with its full capacity, try to protect it from environmental stabbings like smoking, in parallel try to lead healthy-living plans.1