What to know about common Cold!

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General Health

General Health

What to know about Common Cold?!



All of us have missed work or school days because of a colds at some point in our lives. Common cold is usually transferred from an infected person to a healthy one through water droplets of a cough or a sneeze.1

Both adults and children would commonly show up with the same symptoms, however, children might present with a more prolonged cold than adults2. Generally, cold attacks with a bad face; congested nose, a sore throat, a headache coughing, sneezing and fever are all what cold symptoms look like.2


Having some rest and sleeping well together with having plenty of fluids like hot drinks and water are all preliminary measures that help you feel better usually with a week or two.2  

Try to avoid getting colds by making sure to wash your hands often and avoiding close contact with an infected person.3

Typically, cough and cold medicines contain a combination of several medications plus paracetamol or ibuprofen, so make sure not to take duplicate your dose.2