Pregnancy time, mixed feelings!

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Women's Health

Pregnancy time, mixed feelings!


Body changes, hormonal changes, mood swings and many more shuffling feelings are happening during pregnancy, no worries, it’s normal.1, 2, 3

Pregnancy and parenting is challenging, everything in your life is changing. Subsequently, you may feel stressed or overwhelmed. These feelings are normal, you only need some time to understand what you are going through. 1, 3

Handling those feelings right can help you cope with these challenges. However, too much stress might result in serious problems, like premature birth. Those mixed up feelings are normal, just try to relax and rest assured that most women who had stress during pregnancy gave birth to healthy babies2


Talk to your doctor or to your partner or to a friend if you feel overwhelmed during pregnancy. You can also take time for yourself, try doing something that you enjoy like exercising or going for a brisk walk.3