The misuse of antibiotics need to stop

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General Health

General Health

The Misuse of Antibiotics need to Stop


Ever since the invention of penicillin, antibiotics have proven its importance in treating bacterial infections and reducing their complications. However, the emerging overuse of antibiotics has put us all at risk.

Naturally, as a response to the overuse of antibiotics, bacteria develops resistance to most of the standard antibiotic treatment, then multiplies and passes this feature on to its coming generations. So, the world have to put an end to the way antibiotics are prescribed and used! 1

Misuse of antibiotics in both humans and animals is speeding up the process of antibiotic resistance, thus leading to higher medical expenditures, extended hospital stays, and increased mortality.1

But, can we do anything about it?

Yes, by using antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor and only when it is prescribed – common viral infections won’t need an antibiotic treatment. Likewise, by preventing infections in the first place by washing hands frequently, cooking food in a hygienic way, and avoiding close contact with an infected person and getting vaccinated whenever possible.2

Using antibiotics correctly can assist in preserving the efficiency of current antibiotics, and prevent the emergence of antibiotic-resistant infections.2